Saturday, July 14, 2012

Orlando Anime Day

We had a great time seeing everyone at Orlando Anime Day today!  We really love to attend OAD cause it's such a fun little event and if you haven't been to an Anime Day before we definitely suggest you check one out!  I think there's 5 different cities they're hosted at right now in the Southeast and they always seem to be getting more shows going in other places.  You can check out the page here for more info~  I'll also be posting some pictures tomorrow for everyone to see but for now I need rest X3

In other news, though we're not officially attending as The Tofustache, we're going to have a presence at Otakon at the end of the month!  Our great friends at Athena's Wink needed some help with their booth so Amanda will be up there helping them out as well as selling some of our stuff!  So make sure to stop by and say hi to her and check out the sweet swag Athena's Wink sells as well (it's pretty sweet!).  They'll be at booth I-13 in the dealer's room and I will be here in FL playing pinball while they're both working mwahahaha!

Now it is time for rest because tomorrow the work begins again!  


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