Monday, July 16, 2012

OAD Picture Post

We've finally remembered to post pictures that were taken at a con somewhat soon after it's over!  We didn't take too many pictures at OAD this past Saturday but the ones we did we're pretty good!  

First we got some new booth babes to come and hang out at our booth!
I think they did a pretty good job of getting people's attention.  

Piccolo and Maaya Pakamoto bring in the customers

Someone asked us if they could design their own button since we like to have
the button maker at the booth and of course we said yes!  Unfortunately when I went to
make the first button it got ruined so she made another one which led to this hilarious
picture of the two X3

Gengar is upset with how the original button came out

And finally we decided to try out something new at OAD that we are definitely going to 
continue making:  Grab Bags!  They're full of stuff that we make and other random goodies
and there will usually be one of two that have double the amount of prizes in it!  You also get 
three free buttons of your choice when you buy one which is an added bonus!

There is actually another bonus that we didn't expect to be so popular with the grab bags; you get 
to pick from a variety of random drawings on the bags.  We never expected people would want to 
keep these things we drew at one in the morning but we're glad they were well liked X3 And 
without further ado, the grab bag collection!

Rainbow Dash eating a cookie and Goku eating a cupcake

A Dalek exterminating a cake and Dovakin eating a waffle

Tofus with Pizza, Sexy Kyubey and an Alpaca with a milkshake

Miku eating a hotdog and Black Widow bringing Hawkeye some cake

 Panty eating a hotdog and Sailor Moon wanting all the candy

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