The Tofustache's Portfolio

Welcome to The Tofustache's portfolio. We're a pair of girls who create cute and conventional items to make others happy!  When making our crafts we love to draw inspiration from both Japanese and nerd culture since they often go hand in hand. This is a compilation of some of our work to date, though we're always creating new things.


Basic Tofus

Basic Tofus are super soft and squishy and available in a 
variety of emotions.  One of the hardest decisions you'll make 
is figuring out which one best describes you! 

Original Design Necklaces

Original design necklaces. Different colored charm bases and chains 
available for a truly unique and personalized necklace.

Nerdy and Cute Necklaces

Dozens of different designs available as necklaces, with charm bases and colored chains coordinated to match the design~ 

Nerdy and Cute Assorted Accessories

A variety of nerdy delights are offered as different accessories
 from Portal to My Little Pony, to Pokemon, and more! 
You can find magnets, hairclips, bracelets, pins and keychains sold at our table!

Phone and Electronics Case "Purselets"

Fully lined and padded cases for your phone/iPod/Nintendo 3DS/etc. 
These are sewn together using fabrics both domestic and imported from Japan. Others are screen printed with fabric designed by Amanda.They're perfect for bringing the 
essentials with you to conventions without having to carry a heavy bag!

Mini Tofu Keychains and Hairclips

Mini Tofus are currently made as keychains and
hairclips.  You can wear them on your head or put
them on your keys, either way they look super adorable!  
There are also special character versions too~

Character Tofus

Cute Tofu versions of popular characters from anime, 
video games and TV shows!  

Dapper Monocles and Mustaches

Fabric and foam mustaches and monocles on sticks!
Now you won't have to wait for your mustache to grow in to look extra dapper!

Tofu Charms

Handmade Tofu charms, soon to be available 
in multiple colors.  All charms are sculpted 
then painted by hand!

Handmade Felt Pins 

Cute felt pins come as both animals and tofus!  
They are availablein a variety of colors and are hand painted.  

Felt Magnets and Hairclips

The felt animal designs come as both magnets and
 a hairclip/pin back combo. One of my newest products 
are felt magnets featuring a variety of anime, 
manga and video game characters!
 New designs are always in the works~

Custom Hoodies and Scoodies

Examples of different nerdy fleecy fashion: hoodies, kigurumis and scoodies that can made to order!

Grab Bags

We love making grab bags! Each bag is hand drawn by us, and gives a hint to the contents of the goodies hidden inside the bag.

Custom Plushies

Example of new plush pattern~ Plushies are made to order!  

Table Setup

Our tables setup from Katsucon 2015~


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