Friday, February 24, 2012

Permie Pie Plush and Tofu on ebay

I'm getting down to the final two plushies I have made with this pattern!  I'm looking to revise it soon or do something a bit different from the full sized plushies so she is the last of her kind and the only Pinkie I made with the actual felt eyes.  With that note my Pinkie Permie Pie plush is now on ebay along with a Pinkie Pie Tofu hanger!  This is also the last batch of MLP Tofu hangers I'm going to make unless someone requests one as I'm moving to a new design for them! 

The colors are a bit off but it was way too windy
outside to take another picture!

I really love how her mane turned out and it's really super soft because of the yarn I used.  It's just a lot of fun to mess with her mane X3  If you'd like to bid on her the link is below~

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WiP: Derpy and Dash

I feel bad not updating the blog frequently so Imma post some work in progress shots of the new MLP Tofus!  Derpy is almost done just have to do the face and cutie mark and Dash is still in progress of figuring out the pattern. Rainbow hair is a pain though I do like how her tail turned out.

I'm slowly working on the mane six and hope to have most of them done for the next couple conventions coming up!  Now back to working on Dash and waiting for my new figures to get here, they're taking forever to arrive.

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Pokemon Tofus!

Last month I made a new type of Tofu that I'm currently calling "standie."  I really loved how they turned out so I sketched up a couple new designs and made a few!  I'm hoping to convert some of the older Tofus to this style (Kyubey and MLP) and make some new designs for the upcoming convention season this summer so keep an eye out!  For now here are the new ones!

Plusle and Minun, they have magnets in their cheeks!


Mudkips, I heard you liked them!



Thursday, February 2, 2012

New My Little Pony Lanyards and Necklaces

Have got around to making some new My Little Pony necklaces and lanyards. I still have a few more to do (Trixie and Dr. Hooves), which I'll eventually get to. :P

I've also started the (rather tedious) process of adding stuff onto Ebay. I want to eventually get everything on there, but since it's a colossal pain in the butt and I try to limit how much time I spend working on the computer a day so I can better focus on crafting, it'll be a while before I get it all on there lol. For now I just have the deluxe necklaces:

and my lanyards:

I tend to prefer selling on Etsy just because it looks nicer, but I do like Ebay because there's a lot more traffic on there, and it allows me to sell variations of my items and to organize my info easily.

I'm really pleased with how my vectors came out with the new cutie marks. I made the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Wonderbolts, the Shadowbolts, Octavia, and Big Mac.

And I of course still have my full sets of Lanyards and Necklaces, now with more possibilities since I have more ponies to choose from:. : )

Alrighty, now back to getting ready for Orlando Anime Day, this Saturday!