Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Customers!

I made a custom set of Flim Flam Brother necklaces for someone, which were Christmas presents for her and her sister. Got some absolutely wonderful messages back from the both of them, which absolutely brightened my day! One of the best parts about this job is the lovely feedback I get from customers! : )

Thank you so much for the commission Flim and Flam necklaces for me and my sister. They are perfect and came very quickly. My Discord necklace is also awesome!

We were also very surprise to see the magnets and the Black Widow keychain that my sis had her eye on for a while. That made us really happy!

Thank you so much and have a very merry holiday!

P.S. Did you choose to send us an Applejack sticker because of our Flim Flam necklaces?


Thank you thank you THANK YOU! so much for the custom Flim and Flam necklaces! They came just in time for Christmas and I was so excited to tear open the package! The charms are beautiful and look really classy! You can expect more orders from me sometime soon! ^^

I love the extra stuff too! The magnets are awesome and the Black Widow keychain is hanging proudly from my laptop case! It's beautiful! I'm so happy! I have a new favorite necklace! 


They were also kind enough to snap a photo of them wearing their new matching necklaces! : )

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Plushies!

Christmas is almost over and it has been super busy and fun for me!  While making presents this year I tried out a new plushie pattern that I really love!  Ended up making three plushies as presents and was so happy with how they turned out that once the January rush of conventions is over I might try to take some commissions!  I'll have to figure out prices but for now the range seems like it will start between $65 and $80.  Once I have it all figured out I'll make sure to update, but for now here are the plushies I made~

First is Sollux Captor from Homestuck that was made for a Secret Santa exchange on the My Little Pony subreddit (of all places!)  It was a lot of fun figuring out this whole pattern and how to make everything and I was quite pleased with how he turned out!

Next was Chuck from Motorcity made for my friend Clarissa (who's the biggest Motorcity fan I know!)  He was pretty simple to make because I figured out most everything making Sollux, though making his shirt was a bit of a challenge due to slant of the seams on the sleeves~

And finally here's a humanized Rainbow Dash I made for my partner in crime Amanda!  She was super hard and helped me discover I'm not too good and making up outfits!  I still think she turned out fabulous as I went for a sporty basketball theme with her (I really just want to make those short shorts, everything else I just made up on the spot XD)

I hope you all like these and I look forward to hopefully taking some commissions in the future, but for now I need to get back to work for all these conventions in January!  I hope to see you all then and have a fantastic  New Year!  


Monday, December 17, 2012

I have a Fabric Addiction!

My fiancé is building me a new ironing board/shelving unit for the workshop. Got all the wood and supplies purchased, except for the fabric to cover the board with. I've narrowed it down to these 6, but this is tough! :o

I suppose this would be much easier if I didn't love fabric so much! Leaning towards the colored British propaganda patchwork design, though. I am so excited for the new ironing board, my current one is old, flimsy, and WAY too low for my tall body to use without getting a back ache. D:

Hopefully I'll get the whole workshop all finished soon, and I'll post some photos online~


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas is All Around! :D

Totally forgot to make a follow up post, but my Christmas ornaments are now for sale in the shop:

Also, I am having a sale in my shop until Christmas, just enter the coupon code: YOHOHO to receive 5% off your order! Happy holidays! : )