Friday, January 1, 2016

Links to everything!!!

Hey everyone!  Since we tend to not update the blog as much I'm going to compile a list of links to the various other sites you can find us on!  We update our facebook fan page the most so if you'd like to stay up to date on what we're doing and making that's the best place to follow us!  Going to try to keep this post pinned as the first post on the blog~





Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Shop Location - Switch to Storenvy

I realized I never actually made a post about the new crappy policy that Etsy adopted, and had only talked about it with friends on their personal Facebooks. Long story short, Etsy was originally an online market for handcraft artisans to sell their items, and now they no longer care to do that because they can make more money by letting cheap Chinese manufacturers sell on their site. This article goes into the issue in more…how-etsy-changed-the-rule_b_5708565.html

So I’ve gone ahead and decided to make a new shop with Store Envy, which I am really liking so far. It’s very easy to customize and organize everything, as well as copy listings to make things easy when selling similar items. The biggest problem with Store Envy is the traffic is pretty much nonexistent, but I am hoping the fact that I am keeping my original shop name will allow customers and admirers of my Etsy shop to find the new shop easily.

You can also find some of my stuff on Ebay too:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Honeymoon Coupon Code For The Monostache Shop

As some of you know, I got married in April~ I'll be leaving for my Honeymoon soon, and wanted to make a notice stating that any orders that come in after 08/08/14 will not be shipped until I get back (08/27/14). To make up for the delay in shipping, you can use the coupon code "ICELAND" to get 10% off all orders! This applies to everything, including large items like hoodies, scoodies, and phone pouches. Please note that any made-to-order items will have the wait period started after I get back~


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

1K Likes Pokemon-Themed Giveaway!

It has been extra crazy for us at the Tofustache! Amanda got married in April, with Cassie playing the important (and exhausting) role of Maid-of-Honor! Immediately after, both of us had to get ready for Animazement in NC, and for 3 weeks in a row, had conventions to attend!

In other words, it took a little longer than we would have like to find time to do so, but we are excited to now be announcing our 1,000 Likes on Facebook Giveaway!

We decided to make this Pokemon-themed, as there's been a lot of excitement for it recently. We'll be giving away a Sylveon tofu plush from Cassie, and a Pokeball necklace, and Pokeball/Greatball buttons from Amanda!

This Giveaway will run for a month (6/11-7/10) and you can enter several different ways:
-Follow us on Facebook (Tofustache)
-Follow Amanda on Twitter (Monostache)
-Tweet about the Giveaway (available on the Giveaway page)

Thanks so much for all your support, we cannot thank you enough! 

Check out the Giveaway page here:

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone, and Happy Halloween! Sorry that we've been so quiet here (we mostly only remember to update our Facebook page: 

But I wanted to pop in and make a post to show off this great photo I got from a customer! She purchased one of my Shadowbolts hoodies for her adorable daughter to wear for Halloween! : )

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Garry Plushie - Ib

Got a commission recently for a plushie of Garry from Ib.  I've never actually played the game as horror games really aren't my thing (though maybe I can talk Steve into playing it and I can watch much like we did with Silent Hill 2 cause I hear it's pretty good) but making this plushie was a lot of fun.  I'm still getting the hang of making felt hair but I think this one turned out pretty good.  Took a few layers of felt to get the shaggy look in the back which was probably the biggest pain!

Now that I've finished him up I need to get started on the Tofu farm for the summer con run.  Pretty sure I have to make around 200+ regular Tofus alone for the 3 cons we have in May and that's not even including character Tofus or the little ones @_@  I think my hands are going to be killing me before long!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Contest, Giveaways and Die Hard 5, Oh My!

Got lots of exciting things happening with the Tofustache this month! : )

First off, until February 14th, you can use the coupon code TREATYOSELF at the Etsy shop to get 5% off your order: I'm celebrating Valentine's/ Hearts and Hooves/ Die Hard 5 coming out in theaters (though I may be the only one that cares about that :P).

More exciting news is that I am hosting my very first giveaway!

You'll just need to "Like" our Facebook: and watch my Twitter: and go to this link to confirm that you've done both and be entered:

The giveaway runs until February 28th, and the winner will be contacted shortly after! : )

And as if we weren't doing enough, Cassie is actually hosting a contest on her Deviant Art! She is now making GIGA TOFUS, out of extra soft fabric, and is asking for people to submit in their own ideas for faces~ Copy Pasta'ing her rules here:

Oh what's this another contest from The Tofustache! HOW EXCITING!!! This time around the prize will be from Tofutastic, you'll have a chance to with a basic Tofu or Tofu keychain of your choice! 

Here are the rules~ 

1: Photoshop the image I posted of the blank Big Tofu anyway you'd like, have fun!
2: Upload to imgur, photobucket, deviart, anywhere that makes it easy to post a link to your entry
3: Like us here on facebook!
4: Submit a link to your entry in the comments of this post!
5: ?????
6: PROFIT!!!

You have until 9pm EST (6PM PST) on Friday to enter and then I will decide on a winner. The winner will receive a free basic Tofu or Tofu keychain of their choice!

Here's a link to my deviart journal about it, it will have links to the picture to photoshop as well as the Tofus you can pick from as prizes!