Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upgraded MLP plushies!

I'm a huge fan of doll eyes on plushies but after posting a some of my MLP:FiM plushies a couple people suggested I try to make some more show accurate eyes for them, so I did!  I only have pictures of Rainbow Dash and Rarity right now but I'll probably make some more in the coming weeks (between the holidays and getting ready for Holiday Matsuri I'm a bit swamped)!

Rainbow Dash!


Much like the Tofus the eyes are constructed out of layers of felt.  Had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to make them and I totally love how they turned out!   It was actually pretty funny when I was trying to make them as I started making the eyes like Rainbow Dash has first but I was testing them on Rarity.  They didn't look quite right until I popped them on Dashy!   I realized at that point they were looking weird cause Rarity needed those sultry eyes!

If anyone is interested in buying them I got em up on ebay at the moment!  I may sell them at a set price later down the road on etsy but for now I'm doing one complete round of each pony on ebay with matching Tofus to try and fund a new sewing machine and camera!  Feel free to check em out! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hoodie Customer Photos

After having shipped out a couple of hoodie orders, my customers were gracious enough to take some photos of them in their new hoodies!

Princess Luna hoodie on Brony Semera from Georgia
Rainbow Dash hoodie on ArielTaweret, all the way from Germany!

Thank again, everypony!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Pics for Left 4 Dead and Portal Phone Cases!

Finally got some nice pics of my Valve cases (Left 4 Dead and Portal). I also got pics of all my other phone cases, plus all my jewelry. I will hopefully find some time to resize them and put them up on Etsy, but I'm super busy right now with schoolwork, my part-time job and my hoodie orders! @_@

Stay tuned for new additions to the shop, and feel free to email me directly with any questions at monostash@gmail.com!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Tofus as tree ornaments

Someone mentioned something I never thought of on my tumblr the other day... the Tofu hangers are perfect as Christmas ornaments!  So I snapped a picture of the MLP Tofus on my cute Christmas tree, and I'd have to say they do look pretty good as ornaments!  

Soooo cute!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Mane six are finally done!

Just finished up the rest of the Mane six MLP:FiM Tofus the other day!  I really like how they came out (especially Rarity cause I've been dreading making her since day one!)




And if you hadn't seen the other three!

Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash

Twilight Sparkle