Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Plushies!

Christmas is almost over and it has been super busy and fun for me!  While making presents this year I tried out a new plushie pattern that I really love!  Ended up making three plushies as presents and was so happy with how they turned out that once the January rush of conventions is over I might try to take some commissions!  I'll have to figure out prices but for now the range seems like it will start between $65 and $80.  Once I have it all figured out I'll make sure to update, but for now here are the plushies I made~

First is Sollux Captor from Homestuck that was made for a Secret Santa exchange on the My Little Pony subreddit (of all places!)  It was a lot of fun figuring out this whole pattern and how to make everything and I was quite pleased with how he turned out!

Next was Chuck from Motorcity made for my friend Clarissa (who's the biggest Motorcity fan I know!)  He was pretty simple to make because I figured out most everything making Sollux, though making his shirt was a bit of a challenge due to slant of the seams on the sleeves~

And finally here's a humanized Rainbow Dash I made for my partner in crime Amanda!  She was super hard and helped me discover I'm not too good and making up outfits!  I still think she turned out fabulous as I went for a sporty basketball theme with her (I really just want to make those short shorts, everything else I just made up on the spot XD)

I hope you all like these and I look forward to hopefully taking some commissions in the future, but for now I need to get back to work for all these conventions in January!  I hope to see you all then and have a fantastic  New Year!  


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