Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Printer!

Decided to make a business investment and bought myself a laser printer. Just got it in the mail and the box is TERRIFYINGLY enourmous. I had my boyfriend take a picture but it just doesn't do it justice. Also, my dog Winston is an absolute camera whore. xD

I'm pretty excited about a new printer. My current inkjet is getting worse and worse, but this new printer will be great for helping me with making my jewelry, plus printing for pins, and even making labels for my boyfriend's homebrewed beer and cider. :D



  1. Congratulations, Amanda! It’s nice to know that invested on a new printer. It’s better to have a new one, rather than sacrificing the quality of your prints with your current one. What was happening to your old printer, btw? What problems did you encounter?
    Clinton Mcalexander

    1. Mostly my old printer was just obsolete, since it was an inkjet and not a laser. Laser prints are just much nice quality and detailed more than anything you can get with an inkjet

      The old printer was also having issues with pulling the paper properly, and the print quality was decreasing even more. D:

  2. That’s a huge printer! It’s been a year, how’s your printer doing now? I do hope it’s still serving you well. Make sure that you have it inspected, because the printer will no longer operate if the waste ink is full. That happened to my printer before so I don’t know if the model you have also has a system like mine.
    - Roselia Mangione

    1. Haha yeah it gets its own table all to itself! It's doing fairly well, though it goes through (expensive) ink toners much faster than it should be, and I often have to tweak with the colors screen-to-print to get them to come out to what I'd actually like them to print.

      As far as I know, there is no deposit for waste ink. I've taken all the toner out before when changing, and made sure to clean out the inside, as well as clean the drums. I'll probably see about upgrading again in the future, hopefully with something more accurate to screen display, but I'll need more money before that can be a possibility lol~