Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back from Knightrokon~

Got back from Knightrokon last night (which was awesome, since I literally live less than 5 minutes from it, so we didn't have to go far). It was a LOT of fun, and we got to meet some really nice new people (and see awesome people we've met before again!). We were kept super busy the whole time, and I need to make sure to spend a good amount of time stocking up again before Khaotic Kon. I'm now completely out of first aid kits, which I'll be redoing by getting fabric professionally printed (couldn't do this all week because my computer has been out of commission D:), and only have one Aperture Science case left, so I'll need to somehow set aside some time from making a bajillion hoodie orders to restock. xD

New products will be coming to the shop soon. After the con last night, I made a bunch of buttons with our professional button maker so that I can now sell some of my designs in the shop: Mass Effect and Skyrim:

I will be taking some time soon to get some pictures taken with them, so they'll be up in My Shop soon enough. Also to come soon are shark hats and cowls, Mass Effect earrings, and deluxe My Little Pony lanyards!

P.S. Keep an eye on the blog, I plan on putting up a promotion soon~


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