Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Customers!

We really love photos of our happy customers here at The Tofustache and I just got in some new ones today!  Katlin ordered a Pinkie Pie Tofu hanger the other day and left some kind words and cute pictures for us!
"I just got my Pinkie Pie cube in and she is ADORABLE! Very good quality and I can't wait to hang her from my rear view mirror! Thanks again and for the extra buttons, that's "20% cooler" than anything I've bought online yet :) "
I can't tell which one is cuter!!

Katlin's God daughter loved Pinkie Pie so much 
she wanted one too (well either Dashie or Fluttershy)!

Thanks a ton Katlin I'm glad you and your God daughter enjoyed her, it's customers like you that make us enjoy what we do so much!!! 

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