Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Garry Plushie - Ib

Got a commission recently for a plushie of Garry from Ib.  I've never actually played the game as horror games really aren't my thing (though maybe I can talk Steve into playing it and I can watch much like we did with Silent Hill 2 cause I hear it's pretty good) but making this plushie was a lot of fun.  I'm still getting the hang of making felt hair but I think this one turned out pretty good.  Took a few layers of felt to get the shaggy look in the back which was probably the biggest pain!

Now that I've finished him up I need to get started on the Tofu farm for the summer con run.  Pretty sure I have to make around 200+ regular Tofus alone for the 3 cons we have in May and that's not even including character Tofus or the little ones @_@  I think my hands are going to be killing me before long!


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