Monday, January 7, 2013

Animazement and Swampcon

We're really excited to be sending in our application for Animazement soon and hope we make the cut!  AZ is definitely one of our absolute favorite cons to attend, both the staff and attendees are great and lead to such an enjoyable weekend (plus it's an excuse for my family and I to visit my sister and two nieces while we're up there)!  We've got our fingers crossed that we make it in, wish us luck!

Our booth at Animazement 2012 on Saturday!  By this
point it had been raided by fans and looked a bit thin X3 
This weekend is also Swampcon in Gainesville, FL!  It's a free convention held at the University of Florida student union and we'll be selling there both Saturday and Sunday.  If you're heading there make sure to stop by and say hello~  


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