Friday, April 27, 2012

HSP Miku!!!! And some actual news~

For the sake of updating Imma post something unrelated to Tofus and mustaches!  As some of you may already know I'm a pretty avid Hatsune Miku fan and my new HSP Miku scale figure just came in the mail today!  I'm obviously super excited about it cause the post office decided not to update the tracking after it got to NYC and I was afraid she was gonna be stuck there for two weeks like my last batch of figures.  Luckily she made it safe and sound to my doorstep and turned out to be way cuter than I was anticipating!  If you're into figure collecting at all or want to get started I'd definitely suggest picking her up!

GIGA kawaii!!!

In actual news, with Animazement coming up in a month's time and Metrocon shortly after we're going to be super busy getting ready for them between now and then.  I've been sequestered to the Tofu Mines, which is filled with long days of grueling works and cute faces.  I might try to take a picture of all these Pokemon Tofus with just their faces on soon cause they really look way too funny without their ears and details X3  For now here's a shot of a bunch of the new mustache Tofus looking super proper on my crafting desk!

The 'Stache Army

Now back to the Tofu Mines to slave away till Animazement is here! 

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