Friday, February 24, 2012

Permie Pie Plush and Tofu on ebay

I'm getting down to the final two plushies I have made with this pattern!  I'm looking to revise it soon or do something a bit different from the full sized plushies so she is the last of her kind and the only Pinkie I made with the actual felt eyes.  With that note my Pinkie Permie Pie plush is now on ebay along with a Pinkie Pie Tofu hanger!  This is also the last batch of MLP Tofu hangers I'm going to make unless someone requests one as I'm moving to a new design for them! 

The colors are a bit off but it was way too windy
outside to take another picture!

I really love how her mane turned out and it's really super soft because of the yarn I used.  It's just a lot of fun to mess with her mane X3  If you'd like to bid on her the link is below~

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