Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upgraded MLP plushies!

I'm a huge fan of doll eyes on plushies but after posting a some of my MLP:FiM plushies a couple people suggested I try to make some more show accurate eyes for them, so I did!  I only have pictures of Rainbow Dash and Rarity right now but I'll probably make some more in the coming weeks (between the holidays and getting ready for Holiday Matsuri I'm a bit swamped)!

Rainbow Dash!


Much like the Tofus the eyes are constructed out of layers of felt.  Had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to make them and I totally love how they turned out!   It was actually pretty funny when I was trying to make them as I started making the eyes like Rainbow Dash has first but I was testing them on Rarity.  They didn't look quite right until I popped them on Dashy!   I realized at that point they were looking weird cause Rarity needed those sultry eyes!

If anyone is interested in buying them I got em up on ebay at the moment!  I may sell them at a set price later down the road on etsy but for now I'm doing one complete round of each pony on ebay with matching Tofus to try and fund a new sewing machine and camera!  Feel free to check em out! 

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  1. i like them a lot how much would you sell them for, i have like only 4 dollars though. what about a mini?